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Experience automotive luxury redefined. Blend and Coastline Motorsports offer custom garage designs and seamless vehicle integration for a life of convenience and sophistication. Welcome to the future of automotive living.

Where Luxury Meets Innovation

Automotive Spaces & Integration

Our vehicle integration solutions let you control your home effortlessly using geo fencing and voice commands from your car. From opening the garage to setting the perfect climate, we make convenience simple. Experience a future where arriving home means stepping into a hassle-free, connected haven.

Automotive to Home: A Seamless Connection

Vehicle Integration

Experience parking like never before with multi-level lifts, carousels, and intelligent vehicle stacking. Our solutions offer advanced security, AI surveillance, and customizable tool storage. Elevate your garage with luxury flooring, lighting, and audio/video systems, redefining the way you interact with your vehicles.

The Future of Garage Innovation

Luxury Automotive Spaces

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