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Access Control & Security

Securing Spaces, Simplifying Access

Explore our Access Control & Security systems, where advanced protection meets convenience. Ideal for both businesses and residences, including MDUs, our solutions provide robust security, streamlined access, and ease of use. From smart door locks and alarms to comprehensive surveillance, we cater to diverse environments, ensuring safety and accessibility for all. Experience security that empowers and offers peace of mind.

Secure, Convenient Door Stations for Every Entry Point

Door Stations

Elevate the security and functionality of your entry points with our versatile Door Stations. Ideal for front doors, community gates, and building entrances, these systems enhance safety with video communication capabilities. Homeowners and staff can easily verify and grant access remotely, ensuring secure and convenient entry management. Whether it's a driveway gate or a building door, our Door Stations provide a seamless blend of security and accessibility, making entry management effortless and reliable.


AI Surveillance

Upgrade to smarter safety with our AI surveillance systems. Equipped with People Analytics, they offer facial and vehicle detection, license plate recognition, and intrusion alerts. Benefit from real-time notifications, searchable events by specific attributes, and Hybrid Cloud Storage for compliance. Our advanced technology ensures proactive and comprehensive security for your property.

Next-Generation Surveillance: AI-Enhanced for Superior Safety

Door Locks

Advanced Locks for Enhanced Security

Experience the next level of security with our advanced door locks. Combining robust protection with sleek design, our locks offer both keyless entry and traditional access options. Tailored to your lifestyle, they provide convenience without compromising on safety, ensuring your home or office is secure and accessible to only those you trust.

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