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  • Television Wall Installation

Television Wall Installation


Ask about these additions:

  •  In-wall power kits
  • Audio/Visual cables
  • Mantle Mounts
  • Samsung Frame Specialty Mounting
  • What to Expect
    When we arrive at your home, we'll have a quick chat to ensure everything you expect from our service aligns with what we’re set to deliver. If there are any gaps, we’re ready with solutions.

    Mounting Your TV
    Our first task will be to securely mount your TV. We'll use either the bracket you provide or the one included with your TV, ensuring it's perfectly placed on a standard wall.

    Wire Concealment
    We'll take care of routing your in-wall rated cables. They'll be neatly dressed in a wire concealer or inside the wall, and we'll connect your TV to a nearby power outlet. NOTE: Ask about our optional in-wall power kits or electrical outlet installations.

    TV Setup
    Next, we'll connect your TV to any video components you have in the room, like a cable box or Blu-ray player.

    Network Connection
    If your TV or other devices need internet access, we’ll connect them to your wireless network and perform any necessary updates.

    Streaming and Remote Setup
    We'll also set up to two streaming services for you and program the remote control that came with your TV for easy access.

    Professional Finishing Touches
    Expect a clean, professional look. We’ll make sure all wires and cables are neatly arranged, using ties where needed.

    Clean Up
    After installation, we’ll tidy up the area, handle any packaging, and show you how to use your new setup. If your work order includes it, we'll also take care of recycling.

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